Automakers Deliver in Detroit

Automakers Deliver in Detroit 5 Questions with PDI President Brad Funk

This year’s NAIAS held in Detroit, Michigan on January 12-25, 2015 had something for everyone – dreamy luxury cars, jaw-dropping new models, and heart-pounding reveals. Since we couldn’t all be apart of this year’s excitement in-person, the PDI Newsroom asked President Brad Funk to share his insights and experience.

BradFunk_HeadshotWhat was the most exciting news from Detroit?

There were a number of highly anticipated reveals this year. Ford caught everyone off guard with the release of their new GT while also showcasing their new Raptor pick-up and Mustang. The GT garnered the most attention but the Raptor also raised some eyebrows. The craftsmanship and supercar design of both the GT and other Fords are inspiring.

The much-anticipated Acura NSX was probably the second most impressive new product, presented by Jerry Seinfeld. Lastly, Nissan shared their big news and revealed the long awaited new Titan. Nissan’s Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn, Executive Vice President José Muñoz and Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations Fred Diaz where all a part of the reveal. Based on what I saw, my team will be very excited to launch this truck this year.

What trends do you see emerging from the show?

Similar to the LA show, infotainment and powertrain were both hot topics in Detroit. Each brand is working towards the same goal: identify and meet the vehicle technology needs of their customers.

Horsepower performance options were a trend while OEMs work towards advancements in alt-fuel vehicles. The new Chevy Bolt will be very interesting to watch when it comes to market.

What were some of the differences between the LA and Detroit shows?

Palm trees versus snow! Detroit, although smaller in venue space, was more prestigious and had many more executive-level professionals in attendance. All the heavy-hitters from each presenting brand attended.

Was there a particular car or brand that you felt “stole the show.”

This is tough. Arguably, the Ford GT stole the show.

But there were other show stoppers – Ram’s Renegade, Cadillac’s incredibly powerful CTS, Infiniti’s sexy Q60 concept, Alfa’s innovative new products and Mercedes’ anonymous “future” vehicle.

What was your biggest take-away from this show?

The automotive business is back in full swing. It is as competitive as ever and each OEM is leaving no rock unturned to gain more market share and sales volume.