Impressing the Execs

Impressing the Execs GTR Event Offers Executive Training, Exhilarating Experience

Driving at a heart-pounding speed of nearly 100 MPH on a 2.5-mile road course that features a variety of elevations and turns designed to test the handling and performance of the Nissan GT-R is not a typical day of executive training.

But it was exactly that for 32 Nissan dealership executives who attended the PDI-led GT-R training at the Nissan Proving Grounds (ATC) in Stanfield, Arizona this August. PDI executed the classroom and driving components of the two-day training event.

This was the first year the semi-annual training event included dynamic sessions – adding a dramatic hands-on driving experience while bolstering event attendance. Onsite were two GT-Rs for the dynamic sessions and one GT-R for static classroom sessions.

“This year’s event was a far more effective program because of the dynamic driving module,” says Senior Manager, Driving Events, Carl McGinn. “Nissan’s GT-R is a genuine supercar. Participants are amazed at the performance capabilities.”

Attendees had the chance to get behind the wheel themselves, as well as ride on a hot lap with one of PDI’s professional drivers. Both made a significant impression. The 5.7-mile oval at 130 MPH is far beyond a normal test drive.

A participant shared, “The hot laps from the pro drivers were the strongest demonstration of how capable and impressive the GT-R truly is. They successfully brought the lessons from the classroom to life.”

Exit surveys were overwhelmingly positive.

“There is not one participant who walked away from this training event not truly understanding the capabilities of the GT-R better, and possessing the ability to translate the exhilaration of what they experienced to their customers,” said Richard Falklen, Manager, Training Operations.

PDI has provided the executive GT-R training for Nissan since 2008.