Powering Through

Powering Through Facilitators Face Record-Breaking Winter Weather Conditions

Accumulating ice, falling snow and freezing temperatures are expected winter inconveniences. But this year has been extreme.

At PDI headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, staffers impatiently await the melting of ice and snow following the “February Freeze” while PDI facilitators based in northern areas are reliably delivering programs in far colder, snowier and more treacherous regions.

The country’s northeastern states have experienced an unprecedented amount of snowfall this year with no signs of stopping. Despite the weather conditions, PDI facilitators are maintaining their commitments to their dealerships.

“Our facilitators don’t stop on account of weather,” says Andrea Case, Director, Training Services. “If the dealership is open, we will be there.”

PDI facilitators Berry Sekardi, based in Ohio; Jack Lally, located near Chicago, Illinois; Kevin Minne, in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area and Scott Vandekerckhove, based in the northeast region including New York City, Long Island and New Jersey; are powering through the weather to preform their jobs.

“Snow doesn’t phase me too much,” explains PDI Facilitator Scott Vandekerckhove. “Although, working in Buffalo, NY, where they were bombarded with seven feet of snow in two days, was quite sobering.  But our dealerships were open, so I showed up without a fuss.”

Experience, attitude and the right equipment are a must for managing winter conditions.

“Our facilitators show tremendous commitment and dedication,” says Case. “It makes us proud to work with people like that.”