Precision Dynamics International Joins Network, Precision Resources Group

Precision Dynamics International Joins Network, Precision Resources Group


For Immediate Release

November 7, 2014

Precision Dynamics International Joins Network, Precision Resources Group

Franklin, TN – Precision Dynamics, International (PDI) joins the network of Precision Resources Group (PRG), beginning October 1, 2014.

PRG (www.prg-global.com) is a network of progressive companies that offers specialized, high-quality services that collaborate and leverage a unique blend of expertise, skills and resources.

Companies included in the PRG network include:

“Joining the PRG network aligns us with companies that enhance our overall ability to continue to deliver high-quality, streamlined services to our valued customers, who continue to expect the most innovative approach in the industry,” explains PDI president Brad Funk. “The PRG network offers new opportunities for creative and innovative collaboration with leading professionals.”

Through PRG network partnerships, PDI enhances its portfolio of services to include marketing and promotional items (such as tradeshow materials and sales apparel) digital communications services (such as customized websites and online training programs), among others.

PDI President Brad Funk sits on the Advisory Board of the collaborative network.

“Drawing upon the professionalism and talent of these companies to bolster PDI marks an exciting time for our company,” says Funk.

For more information on PRG, visit www.prg-global.com.

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