Training for the Top

Training for the Top PDI Develops Program to Boost J.D. Power Survey Results

Everybody wants to be the best, number one, first place – and luxury automaker, Infiniti, is no exception.

When the company, a long-time PDI client, recently ranked number two on J.D. Power’s 2014 Sales Satisfaction Index, Infiniti partnered with the training team at PDI to better position the company to take the top spot.

Infiniti tapped PDI to develop and deliver a customized in-dealership training and coaching program, Infiniti Improving Sales Satisfaction (ISSI), designed to fine-tune the sales process, improve the client experience and boost future J.D. Power survey results.

“Being selected to lead every phase of ISSI program development – from instructional design and program delivery to analysis and evaluation – affirms the strong relationship and trust shared between PDI and Infiniti,” says PDI President Brad Funk.

Targeted Training

Infiniti’s Improving Sales Satisfaction program was designed to target key areas of the sales process by providing an immersive and comprehensive training experience.

Negotiation, delivery, and use of technology were among the main topics addressed in the two-day training package. Additionally, time is reserved for customized coaching, allowing facilitators the flexibility to address each dealership’s specific strengths and opportunities.

The end result is an interactive, leading-edge training concept that blends training and coaching through hands-on learning, technology resources, role play and activities, one-on-one interactions as well as some classroom-style delivery.

PDI’s instructional design team developed the original content guided by each selected dealership’s internal reports, the JD Power survey results, feedback from Infiniti executives and PDI’s extensive expertise in automotive training.

“Infiniti was extremely pleased and excited with the design, content and staff we selected for this program,” says Andrea Case, Director, Training. “Participant feedback has been extremely positive.”

Focused Facilitation

“After developing and perfecting the ISSI content, we wanted to pair the right facilitators with that content,” explains Case.

ISSI facilitators were thoughtfully hand-selected by PDI. Experience with luxury brand engagement, leadership, and automotive technology expertise as well as coaching and mentoring skills were essential criteria for ISSI facilitators.

“In addition to delivering the two-day training, our facilitators also worked directly with each dealership’s leadership team to address specific needs,” explains Case.

PDI facilitators met with the dealership’s leadership team prior to each ISSI training to assess dealership strengths and opportunities which ensured facilitators were on target with additional customized coaching and training time.

“We wanted to know where the dealerships could use additional support and guidance,” says Case. “Our facilitators were able to deliver exactly what the dealerships needed. It made our training time very efficient and effective.”

Comprehensive Approach

ISSI is just one of several training programs, including Infiniti Building Excellence with Sales and Service Training (IBESST) and TouchPoint Review (TPR), PDI delivers for Infiniti.

“The depth and breadth of PDI’s knowledge of the Infiniti brand enhances our ability to successfully meet Infiniti’s ongoing training needs,” says Case.

From understanding Infiniti’s commitment to providing continuous education through the in-dealership training program IBESST, to supporting the company’s goal of ensuring consistency and continuous improvement through the TouchPoint Review program, PDI represents the Infiniti brand well.

“We are exceptionally proud of our work on this milestone project and the maturation of our Infiniti partnership,” says Funk.